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[. . . ] Do not install the appliance behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite side, where the appliance door can not be fully opened. The ventilation openings in the base (if applicable) must not be obstructed by a carpet. Make sure that there is access to the mains plug after the installation. Ensure you have good ventilation in the installation room to avoid the back flow of gases into the room from appliances burning other fuels, including open fires. [. . . ] Risk of injury, electrical shock, fire, burns or damage to the appliance. • • • • • • • Use this appliance in a household only. If you have washed your laundry with a stain remover start an extra rinse cycle before you start the dryer. Do not drink or prepare food with the condensed water/distilled water. 4 • • Do not use water spray and steam to clean the appliance. €¢ • • Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply. Remove the door catch to prevent children and pets to get closed in the appliance. 5 EASY START PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1 2 1 Water container 2 Control panel 3 Appliance door 4 Primary Filter 5 Bottom cover with the airflow slots 3 4 WARNING!Do not put any object on the bottom cover 6 Buttons to open the bottom cover 7 Adjustable feet 8 Condenser door 9 Locks for condenser door 10 Rating plate 10 9 8 7 5 6 The load door can be installed by the user in the opposite side. It can help to easily put and remove the laundry or if there is a limit to install the appliance (see separate leaflet). CONTROL PANEL 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 On / Off button 2 Programme selection touchpad 3 Dryness selection touchpad 4 Options selection touchpad 5 Start/Pause touchpad 6 Child lock indicator 6 7 Delay touchpad 8 Indicators: Filter , Condenser , Tank Touch the touchpads with your finger in the area with the symbol or name of the option. The drying results can be different from one type of fabric to the other. When the programme is completed, Immediately remove the items and put them on a hanger. Easy Iron Wool 4) 1kg Duvet Refresh Time 30 min To dry one or two duvet and pillows (with feather, down or synthetic fillings). 3) For test institutes only: Standard programmes for tests are specified in the EN 61121 document. 4) The wool drying cycle of this machine has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the drying of machine washable wool products provided that the products are washed and dried according to the instructions on the garment label and those issued by the manufacturer of this machine. There are 4 possible selections: • • • • Extra Dry Strong Dry (for Cotton only) Cupboard Dry Iron Dry This function prevents the laundry from creases. DELICATE With this option you can set a delicate drying programme that has a low temperature. Use this option with a fabrics that have the symbol the fabric label (e. On ANTICREASE 90 MIN Extends of 60 minutes the standard anticrease phase (30 minutes) at the end of the drying cycle. OPTIONS TABLE Programmes Anticrease Time 60 90 min min Cottons Synthetics Mix Easy Iron Wool Duvet Refresh Time 30 min ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Delicate ■ ■ SETTINGS C) Dryness selection touchpad D) Options selection touchpad E) Start/Pause touchpad F) Delay touchpad A B C D E F A) On / Off button B) Programme selection touchpad CHILD LOCK FUNCTION This option prevents children to play with the appliance while a programme operates. It is possible to deactivate the child lock option while a programme operates. [. . . ] Make sure that the cotton layer is always external • We recommend that you set the correct programme applicable for the type of fabrics that are in the appliance. €¢ • • • Do not put fabrics with strong colours together with fabrics with light colours. Use an applicable programme for cotton jersey and knitwear to prevent the items to shrink. Make sure that the laundry weight is not more than the maximum weight that is in the programme table. [. . . ]


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