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[. . . ] Read the operating manual carefully and pay attention to the information when using your mobile phone. Texts which are highlighted by this symbol provide helpful information on handling the mobile phone. This symbol indicates warnings regarding certain situations which could lead to personal injuries or damage to the mobile phone. 8 Bella FOR YOUR SAFETY OBSERVE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Observe Safety Instructions Pay attention to the following safety instructions to protect yourself from any possible personal injury. [. . . ] This setting affects all the operating modes in which text can be entered (creating phone book contacts, writing text messages, etc. Setting the back-lighting You can define how bright the back-lighting of the screen display should be and how long it should be active. Bella 59 MOBILE PHONE MENU PHONE SETTINGS Setting the background image (wallpaper) You can select a picture which should appear on the start screen. 2 Navigate to ┣SETTINGS┫ è ┣PHONE┫ è ┣WALLPAPER┫. 3 Navigate to the storage location of the wallpaper (background image). 60 Bella MOBILE PHONE MENU CALL SETTINGS Call Settings You can define various settings in order to specify certain telephone reactions and features for your mobile phone. Transmitting your own caller ID You can define whether your own phone number is transmitted to the call partner, not transmitted or the setting should be defined by your mobile phone provider. 2 Navigate to ┣SETTINGS┫ è ┣CALL SETTINGS┫ è ┣CALLER ID┫. 3 Select the setting you want ┣AUTOMATIC┫, ┣SEND ID┫ or ┣HIDE ID┫. Call Waiting Define whether a new, incoming call should be indicated by means of the call waiting signal while a call is already in progress. You can check whether the service is available in ┣QUERY STATUS┫. Please note that the range of functions available can vary according to the mobile phone provider. Bella 61 MOBILE PHONE MENU CALL SETTINGS Call Divert Define whether and in what situations incoming calls to the mobile phone should be diverted to another, specified phone number. 2 Navigate to ┣SETTINGS┫ è ┣CALL SETTINGS┫ è ┣CALL DIVERT┫. 4 Select ┣ACTIVATE┫ è ┣ENTER RECIPIENT┫ and enter the number you want your calls to be diverted to. navigate to ┣SETTINGS┫ è ┣CALL SETTINGS┫ è ┣CALL DIVERT┫ è  ┣CANCEL ALL DIVERTS┫. 62 Bella MOBILE PHONE MENU SECURITY SETTINGS Security Settings Define an individual PIN (Personal Identification Number) to secure the SIM card and a phone lock password to secure the mobile phone. If you change your PIN or phone lock password, we urgently recommend that you make a note of the new PIN or password and keep it in a safe place. Switching the PIN request On/Off You can deactivate the request for your PIN from the SIM card if so required. This entails the risk that if you lose your mobile phone, your data can be misused by a third party, and costs may be charged to you. The standard PIN is contained with the documents provided with the SIM card. The PIN request is Bella 63 MOBILE PHONE MENU SECURITY SETTINGS Changing the PIN Change the pre-set PIN to a combination of numbers you can remember easily. [. . . ] further information is provided in Section Inserting SIM Cards on Page 21. If you use the Dual SIM function offered by the mobile phone, the network availability and name of each mobile phone network used are displayed. Some mobile phone networks offer better coverage than others in different areas. The operating speed of the display is reduced in the case of low temperatures, for example. [. . . ]


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