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[. . . ] Charge the phone in well-ventilated environment and keep away from inflammable and highly explosive elements. To avoid demagnetization, keep the handset away from magnetic substances, such as magnetic discs or credit cards. If soaking or erosion occurs, take the battery out and contact the supplier. Avoid using the phone in extremely high or low temperature environments. [. . . ] 2 Charge the battery Warning: Use only supplied/approved batteries and chargers. Using others may be dangerous and will invalidate approvals or warranty. € Connect the charger lead firmly into the DC socket at bottom of the handset. If the handset is turned on, “Charger connected” displays for a few seconds, and Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine 15 the battery symbol bars scroll to indicate that charging has started. If the handset is turned off, the display shows a battery symbol with the segments cycling to indicate charging has started. € The battery is fully charged when the bars within the battery symbol are continuously on. €Charger removed” displays for a few seconds to indicate the charging has stopped. 3 Switching on and off To switch the phone on and off: • To switch off, press and hold the display turns off. Com manuals search engine UK 16 Warning: Do not switch on when mobile phone use is prohibited or if it may cause interference or danger. To unlocked, press and hold # button until display shows "Unlocked". To lock handset keypad, press and hold # button until is shown in display. Note: When the keypad is locked, you can answer, end or reject a call in the normal way, use the SOS button or dial the Emergency Services number 112, and operate the phone as usual during a call. Com manuals search engine 17 (To add prefix “+” press the “*” key twice quickly) to dial the number on the • Press display. 2 Last number redial • In idle mode, press to see the All calls list – a list of the last 10 numbers for each of the dialled, received and missed calls. Com manuals search engine UK 18 8 using the phonebook & speed dial keys You can store names and phone numbers in the Internal phone book (up to 200) and in the SIM phone book (SIM dependant, but a maximum of 250). Note: Indicates entries in the SIM > phone book > Indicates entries in the Internal phone book. And select Add new • Press Up contact from the menu list, and press Options then Select. Com manuals search engine 19 Press Options then select Edit and enter the name then press Options then Done to confirm. Then press Options then • Press select Edit and then enter the digits for the number, then press Options then Done to confirm. € Note: When writing the name, use # to switch cases, between Upper case (ABC), Lower case (abc) or Numerals (123). 3 To call a stored number • Press Names (Right Soft Key) OR • Press Menu, select Phonebook, and OK once. [. . . ] 18 CLEANING AND CARE Do not clean any part of your phone with benzene, thinners or other solvent chemicals as this may cause permanent damage which is not covered by the Guarantee. Keep your phone system away from hot, humid conditions or strong sunlight, and do not let it get wet. Com manuals search engine 51 Wahlwiederholung der letzten Rufnummer • Drücken Sie im Ruhezustand die , um die Liste All calls (Alle Taste Anrufe) aufzurufen – dies ist eine Liste mit den 10 letzten gewählten Nummern sämtlicher gewählter, angenommener und versäumter Anrufe. Com manuals search engine 53 • Drücken Sie die Taste Up (Auf) wählen Sie den Menüpunkt Add new contact (Neuen Kontakt hinzufügen) in der Menüliste, drücken Sie auf Options (Optionen) und dann auf Select (Wählen). [. . . ]


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